Corporate Structure

As our organisation has grown and our client base broadened we have increased our focus on creating innovative solutions. Our corporate structure has developed to accommodate these changes.

Aurum was founded in 1994 by the Sweidan and Gundle families, who remain 50:50 owners of the company and have remained closely involved in the business since inception. Aurum was initially founded with family assets, which remain under management in the Aurum funds today. The importance of capital preservation to the founding families has anchored Aurum's investment philosophy.

Aurum Fund Management Ltd., Aurum Group's parent company was incorporated in Bermuda in August 1994. London based subsidiaries were established with the introduction of Aurum Research Limited and Aurum Funds Limited, the latter of which was authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (then the Securities and Futures Authority) to provide financial services in 1997.

Aurum established a South African office, Aurum Fund Management (Pty) Limited to serve the needs of our growing client base in the region.

Aurum Funds ICAV, Aurum's AIFMD compliant umbrella fund, was established in February 2014.

Aurum Fund Management (Europe) DAC was established in July 2015 in anticipation of the launch of Aurum's UCITS products.