NEWS 11/06/2019

Aurum Wins HFM European Hedge Fund Performance Award

Aurum are proud to have won HFM’s 2019 Fund of Hedge Funds Long-Term Performance award. The fund was selected from a shortlist of 9 funds by a panel of expert judges including leading institutional and private investors and investment consultants.

“This is a special award for Aurum as winning an award for long-term performance is a great thank you to the clients that invest in this fund.” Adam Sweidan, CIO of Aurum Research Limited.

The advisory fee for the fund supports our friends at Synchronicity Earth, a registered charity that supports the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and species at risk around the world.

Adam Sweidan is a founder of Synchronicity Earth and Aurum has supported Synchronicity Earth’s work since inception, both directly and via donation of management fees from the Fund. This has generated approximately $8.5 million to support over 70 organisations in nearly 40 countries.

In 2015 the Synchronicity Earth Regeneration Portfolio was created in collaboration with Aurum. It is an initiative to create strategic funding partnerships between corporates and environmental non-government organisations (“NGOs”) in order to regenerate natural habitats. The portfolios provide a scalable solution that can be adopted by anyone looking to engage in environmental philanthropy.

We are grateful to Synchronicity Earth for the diligence and insight that they bring to this important work, and for continuing to evolve their approach to address vital environmental issues.

Aurum has a goal to mobilise the hedge fund industry to have a net positive impact, we hope this award helps to raise awareness and encourage more support for regeneration portfolios.