NEWS 26/06/2020

Hedge Funds Review European Performance Awards 2020

Aurum has been recognised with three awards at the 2020 Hedge Funds Review European Performance Awards – in the over 5 years, over 10 years and over 20 years categories.

This year Hedge Funds Review is celebrating the 20th year of its prestigious hedge fund awards. The awards are among the most respected for the European hedge fund industry and recognise performance, skill and expertise as well as outstanding individuals.

‘Winning performance awards over the three different time frames is a real testament to the consistency of Aurum’s investment philosophy.  These periods take into account some of the most challenging market conditions most investors have seen in their life time, including both 2008 and the recent disruption of Covid-19 on markets.  Well done to the whole Aurum team for this great achievement.’

Dudley Cottingham, Chairman, Aurum Fund Management Ltd.