Hedge Fund Industry Performance by Strategy – 2019

Hedge Fund Industry Performance by Strategy – Full Year 2019 Coverage Indicator of Eligible Funds Having Reported (as at 20 Jan-20).  By fund assets (Dec): 76%.  By no. of funds …

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Lawrence Davis 22/11/2019

Culture: Hiding in Plain Sight – Part Three

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced the concept of examining culture when performing due diligence on hedge funds, and looked at the challenges of defining and observing it. Part 2 demonstrated how particular types of culture can be interpreted through a manager’s governance and compliance frameworks.

Charles Akingbehin 07/11/2019

Scratching Beneath The Quant Surface

To quote a thought piece by my colleague, Tim Wilkinson, written several years ago[1]: “Quant is not a strategy”. Instead, it’s a way of implementing an investment process. Thinking of Quant as a single hedge fund strategy is like thinking of fundamental investing as a single strategy. If someone told you that “Fundamental did poorly last year”, you would pull them up on it.


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