Aurum Fund Management Ltd. shortlisted for the Pensions Age Awards 2020

Aurum Fund Management Ltd. shortlisted for the Pensions Age Awards 2020

The Pensions Age Awards aim to reward both the pension schemes and the pension providers across the UK that have proved themselves worthy of recognition in these increasingly challenging economic …

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Lawrence Davis 22/11/2019

Culture: Hiding in Plain Sight – Part Three

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced the concept of examining culture when performing due diligence on hedge funds, and looked at the challenges of defining and observing it. Part 2 demonstrated how particular types of culture can be interpreted through a manager’s governance and compliance frameworks.

Charles Akingbehin 07/11/2019

Scratching Beneath The Quant Surface

To quote a thought piece by my colleague, Tim Wilkinson, written several years ago[1]: “Quant is not a strategy”. Instead, it’s a way of implementing an investment process. Thinking of Quant as a single hedge fund strategy is like thinking of fundamental investing as a single strategy. If someone told you that “Fundamental did poorly last year”, you would pull them up on it.


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