Aligned interest

We’ve invested alongside our clients since day one.

Our roots originate from managing private assets for the retirement and intergenerational wealth transfer of the two founding families, who remain substantially invested to this day.

Einstein once described compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world and it is this focus on compounding investment returns and avoiding large drawdowns that has ensured consistent growth of our clients’ capital over 27 years.

Aurum has a range of commingled multi-manager funds, both offshore and onshore, that complement traditional multi-asset portfolios.

“For us, your brand is very strong. When speaking with clients, we describe Aurum first and foremost as ‘a very safe pair of hands’. The fact that you are independent and owner-managed makes for an alignment of interest with, and high duty of care for, your investors that shows through in your long-term numbers and is recognised within our industry.”
Head of International Portfolio Management
UK-based international asset management group

Commingled portfolios

We offer a range of long-standing fund of hedge funds with differing risk and return characteristics which have demonstrated consistent returns with little correlation or beta to traditional markets.

Key statistics since inception:

< 3.3%

annualised volatility*

> 74%

positive months*

> 1.10

sharpe ratio*

> 5.8%

compound annual returns*

< 0.32

correlation to msci world

< 0.13

correlation to bgab

AIFMD compliant Irish domiciled funds

Some of these Irish domiciled funds are available to investors in the following jurisdictions: Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, UK, Finland, Norway.

Embedded impact®: designed to protect more than capital

Our embedded impact® funds have been designed to help investors that want to make investment returns while making a real difference to the planet, species and the lives of children. The advisory fee for our embedded impact® funds directly supports our partnership charities and to date have contributed over $11 million for over 100 organisations in nearly 50 countries.

Key statistics since inception:

< 4.5%


> 84%


> 1.56


> 8.6%


< 0.50


< 0.32


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