Investment Process

A highly efficient, focused and collaborative process

Aurum thinks of its investment process as a workflow. What started out over 24 years ago as a framework to assess investment opportunities has evolved into a highly efficient, focused and collaborative process. 

Aurum's technique brings together several different areas of expertise and technologies to undertake a holistic appraisal of the investment environment and the opportunities and risks.

We bring together qualitative and quantitative analysis; examination of data and observation, rigour and questioning. Our approach is designed to look beyond the numbers.

Aurum continually questions and re-examines investment decisions; reassessing the premise on which the decision to invest was made in the first place to ensure the investment remains relevant. We are always seeking confirmation that we are on the right path. 

Our portfolios are agile enough to allow for rebalancing as and when required.

Aurum's approach to investment analysis is always evolving; we are flexible and aim to continue to refine and improve our approach to enhance investment outcomes.