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Who we are

Aurum is a specialist investment manager focused on selecting hedge funds. Investing our clients’ capital alongside our own across multiple market cycles for 25 years.

We have always remained independent and this ensures we remain free to invest in accordance with our conviction, and every decision we make is made in the best interest of our clients.

We understand the difficulties markets can present investors with and the negative impact of downside volatility on long-term returns.

What we do

We construct portfolios of hedge funds designed to grow and protect our clients’ capital.

We have delivered results to clients with five clear investment needs:

  1. Real inflation adjusted returns
  2. Capital protection during turbulent market conditions
  3. Low volatility of returns
  4. High consistency of positive performance
  5. Low correlation to equities and bonds

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Lawrence Davis 21/01/2020

Culture: Hiding in Plain Sight – Part Four

Aurum’s Operational Due Diligence (“ODD”) team is distinctly separate from the Investment Research team. However, the two teams’ collective research flows through into investment recommendations made to the directors of the Aurum funds and there is some overlap in the areas they focus on.


Hedge Fund Industry Performance by Strategy – 2019

Long biased and Equity L/S had an unsurprisingly strong 2019 given their environment (the S&P 500 ending up 29%). Long biased funds have not enjoyed such a strong year since the 2009 rebound, while Equity L/S and Event Driven strategies had their strongest years since 2013.


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