We protect more
than capital

Why invest for the future, if there is no future?

Our purpose as a business is to grow and protect capital.

Not only our clients’ capital, but also environmental capital; our planet and species and social capital; healthcare and education.

We strive to do that by:

A Solution for investors who want to make a difference.

Investors who want to make a real difference can invest in our embedded impact® funds where the advisory fee is used to support our partner charities.

The Aurum group has always had a strong and committed approach to sustainability, both in the way we run our business and in our approach to social responsibility, you can download our ESG Approach here. We launched our first embedded impact® solution in January 2002. The fund delivers returns that go above and beyond financial returns.

The advisory fee generated by this fund supports a number of charities, principally Synchronicity Earth, a registered charity that supports the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and species at risk around the world. The fund has generated approximately $11 million for over 100 organisations in nearly 50 countries.

Our second embedded impact® fund was launched in February 2019.

Conservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and species at risk around the world.

At Aurum we want to not only protect, but also regenerate precious ecosystems.

Adam Sweidan, the CIO of AFL and ARL is founder and trustee of Synchronicity Earth, an environmental charity that looks to create sustainable solutions to some of the world’s pressing conservation issues.

In 2015 Project Regeneration was created by Aurum in collaboration with Synchronicity Earth. It is an initiative to create strategic funding partnerships between corporates and environmental non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) in order to regenerate natural habitats.

Project Regeneration is more than a box ticking exercise. By selecting from a portfolio of pre-vetted NGOs that engage in environmental conservation that are subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation, it provides a scalable solution that can be adopted by anyone looking to engage in environmental philanthropy.

Health, welfare and education

Kevin Gundle, CEO of AFL and ARL, is a patron of One to One Children’s Fund, a charity that aims to rebuild and transform the lives of vulnerable children. It identifies the greatest risks children and adolescents face and then works with partners to pilot and deliver cost-effective interventions in healthcare, psychosocial services and education.

The management fee from Aurum’s second embedded impact® fund supports the Seneca Trust, a charity focused on disability, health, displacement and education, which is achieved through providing grants and direct assistance to charities and organisations.

Active Support

The Aurum team use their skills and talents to make a difference.

At Aurum’s heart is a passion for conservation and transforming children’s lives. We aim to ensure that we have the resources to have a meaningful impact on the world’s natural habitats and to enrich the lives of children through healthcare interventions and support programmes.

We directly support charities working in these vital areas, both financially and by actively being a part of the teams involved.
We also encourage our team to support the charities that are important to them.

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