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Aurum is a specialist investment manager focused on selecting hedge funds.

We’ve been investing our clients’ capital alongside our own for 25 years. As you can see from the chart, we’ve performed consistently across multiple market cycles.

We believe that a well-constructed portfolio of hedge funds should protect and grow capital, while providing the consistent and diversified returns
that investors ought to have access to.

The Aurum 2018 ESG Report

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Charles Akingbehin 07/11/2019

Scratching Beneath The Quant Surface

To quote a thought piece by my colleague, Tim Wilkinson, written several years ago[1]: “Quant is not a strategy”. Instead, it’s a way of implementing an investment process. Thinking of Quant as a single hedge fund strategy is like thinking of fundamental investing as a single strategy. If someone told you that “Fundamental did poorly last year”, you would pull them up on it.

Lawrence Davis 31/10/2019

Culture: Hiding in Plain Sight – Part Two

Although a subjective concept, culture hides in plain sight and is readily observable if you know how to look. In a series of short pieces, Lawrence Davis, an Analyst on Aurum Research’s Operational Due Diligence team, explains the importance of a hedge fund manager’s culture to investors, the problems in defining and quantifying it, and how we overcome these problems to interpret it during due diligence.


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