In this educational series about hedge funds, we go back to basics, looking at what hedge funds are, why investors choose to invest in hedge funds and what value an investment in hedge funds may provide.

The key features of hedge funds – understand them better


What is a hedge fund? And what is it about hedge funds that makes them different from other investment products, like mutual funds? In the first part in…

Three reasons why the best allocators invest in hedge funds


Investors are increasingly looking to hedge funds to provide portfolio protection against risk and volatility in periods of market stress in traditional…

Do you know the truth about these three hedge fund myths?


Allocators considering investing in hedge funds for the first time have to navigate a number of widely held misconceptions about the asset class. Perhaps…

What investors look for when selecting hedge funds


In the past three parts of our hedge fund basics series, we’ve looked at how hedge funds can reduce performance volatility and provide portfolio diversification….

Spotlight on funds of hedge funds: why investors use them


In summary In the latest instalment of our hedge funds basics series, we look at: What are funds of hedge funds? Why do some investors choose to access…

A guide to hedge fund fees and redemption terms


In summary Investors determine whether hedge fund fees and redemption terms are appropriate through the manager selection process. Consideration is given…

A second look at first loss platforms


First loss platforms, investment vehicles designed to facilitate allocation to hedge funds while limiting downside risk, are not new entrants to the hedge…

To help demystify and shed some light on the terms and topics covered in this series, please see the supplements below: