Brighter investing

Solutions to enhance any portfolio

We manage both institutional assets and private assets using the same investment philosophy that has served our clients well over the last 27 years.

Many clients choose us to enhance their existing portfolio, others choose us as an alternative. Some ask us to manage a proportion of their assets, others ask us to manage all their assets. Clients have access to a variety of solutions, all of which are built on the principle that the best way to grow capital, is to ensure you don’t lose it.

Bespoke portfolios

These are crafted to investors’ specific risk and return objectives and are available in a variety of structures including traditional managed accounts, offshore or EU domiciled fund of ones. Over 60% of our assets under management are held in bespoke portfolios, demonstrating how highly regarded they are by our clients.

Our bespoke solutions are coupled with Proximity®, Aurum’s unique technology solution that provides our investors with up-to-date online access to their portfolio and associated risk analytics and qualitative portfolio insights.

Key statistics since inception:

< 4.0%

annualised volatility*

> 81%

positive months*

> 1.59

sharpe ratio*

> 7.4%

compound annual return*

< 0.48

correlation to msci world

< 0.15

correlation to bgab

Commingled portfolios

We offer a range of long-standing fund of hedge funds with differing risk and return characteristics which have demonstrated consistent returns with little correlation or beta to traditional markets.

Key statistics since inception:

< 3.3%

annualised volatility*

> 74%

positive months*

> 1.10

sharpe ratio*

> 5.8%

compound annual returns*

< 0.32

correlation to msci world

< 0.13

correlation to bgab

AIFMD compliant Irish domiciled funds

Some of these Irish domiciled funds are available to investors in the following jurisdictions: Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, UK, Finland, Norway.

Embedded impact®: designed to protect more than capital

Our embedded impact® funds have been designed to help investors that want to make investment returns while making a real difference to the planet, species and the lives of children. The advisory fee for our embedded impact® funds directly supports our partnership charities and to date have contributed over $11 million for over 100 organisations in nearly 50 countries.

Key statistics since inception:

< 4.5%


> 84%


> 1.56


> 8.6%


< 0.50


< 0.32


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