Solutions to enhance any portfolio

Bespoke portfolios

These are crafted to investors’ specific risk and return objectives and are available in a variety of structures including traditional managed accounts, offshore or EU domiciled fund of ones. Over 60% of our assets under management are held in bespoke portfolios, demonstrating how highly regarded they are by our clients.

Commingled funds

We offer a range of long-standing fund of hedge funds with differing risk and return characteristics which have demonstrated consistent returns with little correlation or beta to traditional markets

AIFMD compliant Irish domiciled funds

Some of these Irish domiciled funds are available to investors in the following jurisdictions; Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, UK, Finland, Norway.

Embedded impact: designed to protect more than capital

Our embedded impact funds have been designed to help investors that want to make investment returns while making a real difference to the planet, species and the lives of children.
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Aurum is seen as a ‘stable backbone’ to our hedge fund allocation. Our portfolio’s low volatility and low correlation to traditional and alternative investments, adds meaningful value to our alternatives allocation.
Head of Alternative Investments, European Occupational and Municipal Pension Fund Client

Proximity® is Aurum’s portfolio knowledge sharing platform.

Proximity® has been designed with your needs in mind to deliver detailed information on your investments.


Dynamic and customisable

“I love having the ability to view statistical information and metrics over different time periods in a single click.”

Relevant and up to date

“Using Proximity® gives a significantly better understanding of what is going on in the funds we are invested in.”

Elegantly designed
accessible from anywhere

Proximity’s® interface is clear and intuitive. Our software has been optimised for all major web browsers on desktop and mobile.

Analysis on the go

Detailed analysis on individual
holdings or on your overall portfolio

You will have access to intuitive tools linked to our powerful
database; giving you quick and easy access to data, content
and statistics on your Aurum investments.

Comprehensive resources at your fingertips

Data, analytics and insights shared with total transparency.


Historic performance and attribution

Underlying manager newsletters

Risk and performance analytics

Customised charting

Data refreshed throughout the day

Portfolio modelling

Industry data

Monthly commentary on all underlying managers

Messaging with Aurum analysts

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