Investing since 1994

And still growing strong

At Aurum we aim to take intelligent risk to provide resilient risk-adjusted returns over the long-term and across multiple economic
and financial cycles. We place a high priority on capital preservation.

Applying our investment philosophy means that there are strategies and investment approaches that are deliberately excluded. These include being long-biased to the market and being reliant on carry or yield to enhance results.

By excluding investments correlated to the market, our portfolios provide a more consistent return stream with a high proportion of positive months. Our investment solutions complement a traditional portfolio of bonds and equities and have proven that an investment with Aurum can help to grow and protect our clients’ portfolios.

Our performance since 1994

< 6.5%

annualised volatility*

> 6.2%

compound annual returns*

< 0.32

correlation to msci world 

< 0.07

correlation to bgab* 

> 67%

% positive months*

> 0.54

sharpe ratio*

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Hedge Fund Industry Performance by Strategy

Of the funds monitored by Strategy Engine the average hedge fund return for January 2020 was 0.33%. At the master strategy level, multi-strategy funds were the top performers, generating 1.07% as a group.

Adam Moir 12/02/2020

Can South African investors learn from their inspirational rugby team?

As a proud Englishman, I watched on with both disappointment and admiration during South Africa’s historic Rugby World Cup win back in November last year. Coming into the game, South Africa were written off by the press as underdogs, criticised for their supposed unattractive style of rugby and barely given a chance.


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