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Our Approach

At the heart of our approach is our investment philosophy. We have an objective to provide investors with a consistent return stream that shows a clear non-correlation to both equities and bonds. We aim to take intelligent risk to provide resilient risk-adjusted returns over the long-term and across multiple economic and financial cycles, whilst placing a high priority on capital preservation.

Applying this investment philosophy means that there are strategies and investment approaches that are deliberately excluded. These include being long-biased to the market and being reliant on carry or yield to enhance results. By excluding investments correlated to the market, our portfolios provide a more consistent return stream with a high proportion of positive months.

We understand the difficulties markets can present investors with and the negative impact of downside volatility on long-term returns.

We have delivered results to clients with five clear investment needs:

  • Real inflation adjusted returns
  • Capital protection during turbulent market conditions
  • Low volatility of returns
  • High consistency of positive performance
  • Low correlation to equities and bonds

We believe that a well-constructed portfolio of hedge funds can protect and grow capital, while providing consistent and diversified returns that investors ought to have access to.

We have not set out to be deliberately different but have found that applying this investment philosophy has resulted in a number of uncommon performance characteristics.


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