MiFID II Product Governance Disclosures

Information on Financial Instruments

Information on the financial instruments made available by the Aurum Group can be accessed here.

Detail on the Product Approval Process

Financial instruments made available by the Aurum Group are manufactured by Aurum Fund Management Ltd.  When designing a new product, Aurum seeks to identify the appropriate target market, assess and control the relevant risks of the financial instrument and identify distribution channels that are consistent with the defined target market.  As part of this process Aurum considers all conflicts of interest and ensures that they are properly managed.  Aurum also carefully considers the charging structure for each financial instrument with a view to ensuring that the costs and charges are compatible with the needs, objectives and characteristics of the target market.

Target Market Analysis

For each financial product, Aurum conducts both a positive and negative target market risk assessment of the types of client whose needs, objectives and characteristics the product is compatible with and those groups of clients for whom it is not compatible.  A description of the identified target market for each of the financial instruments made available by the Aurum Group can be accessed here.

Distribution Channel Information

The product is not available to retail investors and thus is ineligible for retail distribution channels.  The product is eligible for all distribution channels restricted to professional investors (e.g. investment advice, portfolio management, non-advised sales and pure execution services).

Costs and Charges

Aurum Fund Management Ltd. is currently preparing details of the relevant costs and charges information regarding financial instruments made available by the Aurum Group.  Once finalised, such information will be made available to Distributors on request.